• Candela quality...

    Candela has brought a fresh dynamic to Turkish seed market by introducing the first zip luck, holographic and specially designed packages

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  • Leading products in overseas market!

    Overseas farmers preferred our Metan and Mirica products.Our brand yield quality and after-sales services abroad have an important place in the agricultural sector.

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  • Our Vision

    Tancepa has acquired the best principle in all kinds of agricultural products, service, price, logistics and information sharing.

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  • Mission

    The most important mission of Tencepa is to offer the best agricultural solutions in accurate and efficient way.

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Special to Farmers

Planting sugestions of our seeds, daily sector, weather forcast, and currency exchange rates can be found here.


Tancepa Human Resources Activities

Tancepa Agriculture started institutionalization in 2010 and continues to work for building strong HR infrastructure with the same speed.